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At Eyebrow Goddess, I have specialized in the removal* of Warts & Verruca`s for the past 23 years. If you would like to speak to us about getting rid of your warts & verrucas contact us today.

Wart`s And Verrucas – What Are They And How To Get Rid of Them*?

At Eyebrow Goddess, I have specialized in the removal of Warts & Verruca`s for the past 23 years. If you would like to speak to us about getting rid of your warts & verrucas contact us today.

There are various types of warts that appear in different areas of the human body, for example: plane, filiform, raised, genital, seborrhoeic warts and verrucas.

Most verrucas appear as small irritations on the foot and seem dry and crusty.

They can be present anywhere on and around the foot including the base, the toes and even between the toes.

They vary in size considerably with some as small 1 or 2 mm and others being multiple covering sometimes even up to half the foot. 

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Wart Removal*

Warts can be itchy and irritating and are often very sore and painful.

For some sufferers it can even prove difficult to walk.  Verrucas are in addition considered ugly and carry a stigma for many women in particular.

It is for these very reasons that they are unwanted and people will go to many lengths to get rid of them.

There are many wart removal methods intended for verrucas removal, some of which are old wives tales and some which are dangerous and some which, even though purchased in goodwill through chemists and chain stores, are ineffective at curing the problem.

Duck tape, mastic tape, banana skin application, various verruca and wart removal treatments such as cryogenic treatment, laser wart removal and various wart and verruca creams and lotions and potions that can be purchased over the counter or on the net.

The most effective of all the wart removal* treatment options is electrolysis.

Electrolysis using a Direct Current was originally invented by an opthamologist and used for the permanent hair removal of ingrowing and distorted eyelashes.

  From its origins in the medical field it then entered the aesthetic industry as a method of permanent hair removal and has been used for over 100 years for this purpose.

However what is less known is that a method of electrolysis permanent hair removal called Thermolysis or Short Wave Diathermy which was invented in 1924 by Henri Bordier and uses an Alternating Current, is effective as a cautery tool for many skin blemishes.

  This method of electrolysis is now being used for verrucas and wart removal and the treatment is offered by some aesthetic doctors, podiatrists, nurses, and electrolysists. At Derma Clear kent we use this method & have done so for the past 23 years.

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Verucca Removal*

Verruca removal* treatment using electrolysis involves relatively high levels of energy initially being tapped over the whole diseased tissue area.

  This has the effect of destroying any dead and diseased keratinised tissue which scabs and eventually falls away.

Then the electrolysis probe in inserted into the centre of the verruca and the energy is released.

  This can be very sensitive initially although the discomfort often wears away quite quickly. 

During the treatment for verrucas removal the energy helps destroy the verruca from within and introduces the virus into the blood stream so that the sufferer can then fight the infection.

Following electrolysis verruca and wart removal treatment the aftercare is very important to ensure infection does not occur and a specialised after electrolysis treatment cream should be either given by the practitioner or should be purchased at time of treatment.

The practitioner may also suggest that a 3 week dose of Echinacea is taken to help the body`s immune system fight the virus.

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